Technology and Its effect

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How often do we use  PC’s and Mobiles, Laptops ?

Weekly,daily no wait a minute. We use it continuously until we go to bed even we forget going bed. Once we started using mobiles or laptop then it becomes our habit to use it. We use it so continuously and we dont to leave it.But is it good to use such.
So, Don’t we suffer from different problems while using devices for so long time?
I think YES! and of course it is.

What sort of problems do we are having?

  • Vision Problems

    Over use of mobiles and laptop makes our vision ability low and damages completely.  The distance between the device and our eye is so little so this damages our vision. We start seeing blur and sometimes our eye start burning and itching.

How to over come with vision Problem?

Well, First of all try to use Devices only in need.

  1. Make device brightness as low as you can and make background more brighter then your device.
  2. Do not focus more on device and blink eye in time.
  3. Maintain a proper distance between laptop and user
  4. Try to stay in green background and try to look greenery in every 30 second.
  • Shoulder cramp

    We try to use devices in every position and this can cause shoulder cramps. we can reduce it by sitting in a balanced position and avoiding using laptops/mobile in unusual postiton.

  • Pain in Neck and backbone

    Yes! we suffer from neck and backbone pain and it pains a lot. The laptop, as per the name, is supposed to be kept on the lap and this increases the tendency to bend the head, mounting tension in the neck which causes pain and in certain extreme cases, can lead to disc displacement.Using laptop by placing in table or in a proper place and maintain a proper distacne between laptop and user.

  • Swelling and pain in fingers

    The key of Keyboard or touch makes some pain in fingers. The keyboard of laptop is placed like it gives pain while we type somthing long. So while typing some long stories take some break. Also we can use Voice feature it makes you really easier.

  • Device addicted

    Can you stay with out mobile/laptop/psp for oneday?
    Its like impossible for me. So we Are addicted like we even cannot leave if we want and this is continuously hampering in our study, daily work adn many other.
    But It is not impossible. Dedication and will can makes us back to social life. We should use mobiles only in need.

  • Technical mentality & Time loss

    Using more technology makes our every work faster isn’t it? YES, It makes. Also we get more addicted to it daily. We try to give more time for technolgy. It makes but it also makes us so addicted that if we need to know something then we directly try to google it. We never open any other source to search things. We play games in free time and start chatting in different social media and the we lose our important time.We become anti social.WE donot play sports, we donot go for morning walk and leads to a serious social life. This gives a bad habit. Using technology isn’t bad but we should use in time and in proper way.


  Life is easier with technology but , it has some negative effects with in it.


I am Computer Engineering Student at Kantipur Engineering college. Blooging is being my hobbie and i started. I am tech geek and wants somthing new in IT.

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