Is safe to use?

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Did you tried ? is being a viral all over the world due to its popular feature of quiz in local language. In every country it provides the question and answer in local language and people try it share it on facebook. People can try for different questions and the thing is that question are familiar to you because testony is just a platform, user can create their own question in testony.

Does it hack facebook password?

No, it don’t hack any individuals password and there is rumors of 15000 ids are hacked already, it’s fake but it takes your data that you have shared in facebook.

Isn’t small information in a wrong hand dangerous?

yes, absolutely your small information in wrong hand can give a serious problem to you, so its better not use such third party application and connect it with facebook to be safe.

If we look over its privacy policy than it clearly says,

Privacy policy of

In the context of a registration, we receive a user ID with the information under which the user with this user ID is logged in and an ID that cannot be further used by the Service Provider (so called “user handle”). Whether we receive further data depends only on the user who uses the authentication by a Third-party Provider, the data that is selected to be released in the context of the authentication, and which data has been authorized by the user in the privacy or other settings of the user account at the Third-party Provider. The data can differ, depending on the provider and the selections of the user; normally these are the e-mail address and the user name. In case of Facebook, this is also the – so called – Public Profile Information, that can be seen by everyone. This includes the name, profile and cover picture, gender, networks (i.e. school or working place), user name (Facebook URL) and user identification number (Facebook ID).

The password that has been entered in the context of the authentication by a Third-party Provider cannot be seen by us, neither can it be saved by the Service Provider.


This clarifies that, the password is not saved in their databases and neither they can see so you can use it but it also says that they can see the public information form facebook.

How to remove the account that is already logged in?

In the case that users decide that they do not wish to further use the connection of their user account at the Third-party Provider for the authentication by a Third-party Provider, they must cancel this connection within their user account at the Third-party Provider. If the users wish to delete their data we save, they must cancel their account at our Service.


So, if you want not to show any of your information publicly than you must not use testony else you can use it and have fun.



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  • September 28, 2017 at 5:22 pm

    I have been contemplating this on the occasion. I Am still not completely decided, but I am thankful to get another perspective.

    • Manzil
      September 29, 2017 at 1:14 am

      well sure, thank you so much.
      please stay connected till next article.


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